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Hario V60 Filter Papers

Hario V60 Filter Papers

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Ethically sourced beans from

Tasting notes:

Hario paper coffee filters enhance your brewing and daily coffee experience by effectively filtering the oils and micro grounds found in coffee to produce a lighter and purer cup of coffee.

Paper filters are known to produce a brighter, sweeter cup of coffee compared to metal filters.

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Which grind should I pick?

This depends on how what you're using to brew your coffee.

• Got a bean-to-cup machine or want to grind at home? Choose Roasted Beans.
• Brewing with a cafetière or French Press? Choose Cafetière.
Using a pour-over filter or Aeropress? Choose Filter/Aeropress.
Making espresso with a Moka pot or something else? Choose Moka Pot/Espresso.

When will my coffee arrive?

We use Royal Mail to deliver all of our orders, and you can choose from 24 or 48 hour delivery.

Orders placed on a weekend or bank holiday will be dispatched on the next working day. You can find out more here.

How do I listen to the Spotify playlist?

Easy! You can listen to the playlist in four simple steps:

• Grab your phone and open the Spotify app.

• Tap the search button, and look for a camera icon in the search bar.

• Tap the camera icon and point the camera at the code on the top of your Brink Coffee bag.

• Your playlist should appear! Hit shuffle and take a sip.

What should I do with my packaging and coffee grounds?

Once you've enjoyed your , you can recycle your bag in your normal household recycling bin. Don't chuck it in the bin!

There's a whole bunch of uses for your used grounds which you can read about over on our Sustainability page, but you can put them with food waste to decompose, or in your normal household waste.

How does Brink Refill work?

Brink Refill is our subscription service, allowing you to set up a recurring delivery of coffee on a schedule that works for you.

Simply choose the Brink Refill option at the top of this page, select your size and grind, and checkout as normal.

You'll be billed today for the first order, and then you'll automatically be billed on the schedule you set, and your Brink will be with you shortly after!

Find out more here.