Brewing Guide - Filter

Brink’s Brewing Guide for making coffee with a Filter, also known as a pour-over. 

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1) Boil your kettle and leave it to rest for a minute or two.

2) Place a filter paper into your filter, and rinse with the recently-boiled water. Discard this water - you don't need it. (Rinsing the paper before makes sure you get the best flavour from the coffee!)

3) Add your ground Brink into the filter. One scoop - or three tablespoons is perfect.

4) Pour enough recently-boiled water to cover the grounds into the filter, moving in circles as you pour.

5) Leave the water and the grounds to 'bloom' for 30 seconds or so. Bubbles are good - and mean the coffee is fresh.

6) Slowly continue to add more water until the cup is full, moving in circles. Enjoy with a Brink playlist.